Join the guided walking tour of the royal castle and the cathedral!

Let us help you to imagine how to feel as a member of the royal family, and walk through the chambers, where Polish kings used to live. Walk inside the marvellous pearl of renaissance architecture to admire the art and the royal splendour. On the guided castle tour you will be taken to the Cathedral too. This is the church, which no one should miss, not only because of its important history, but also the extraordinary beauty of its architectural mix of styles.

After a tasty lunch break, we will take you to the real underworld! On the Wieliczka Salt Mine tour you will see one of the oldest mines in Europe. It is over 750 years old! Through that time miners excavated about 2400 underground chambers and dug out almost 260km of corridors. On your visit you will see the tourist route which consists of only 1% of the entire mine. Underground chapels, lakes and salt statues are only a few things awaiting you underground.

It will be a journey you will remember for the rest of your life !