Wawel is the name of the hill that can be found in the Old Town district in Krakow. It is the oldest and most important part of the city. The former seat of Polish rulers and their tomb. We are going to start the walking tour with the royal apartments and chambers, where the certified  guide will show you outstanding collections of art, and items used by kings. Explore with us chambers where kings had to make difficult decisions. With us, on the same tour, we will take you to the Cathedral. The coronation place of the Polish kingdom. You will see fabulous art, royal tombs, and one the largest diversity of architecture styles in one building. 

After a lunch break we will go to the final part of the tour – The Underground Museum located underneath the Main Square. The Main Market Square in Krakow is the biggest mediaeval market square in Europe. Nowadays, it is filled with tourists, gift shops and restaurants. It wasn’t like this back in a day. 700 years ago the Square was full of merchants selling goods like: salt, fur, cloth or jewellery. Travel underground to discover mysteries of mediaeval Kraków at one of the best exhibitions in the entire City!