Five active ways to explore Krakow

If you are interested and even considering visiting Kraków, at this point we are sure you already made a lot of research about what places to visit, where to eat, where to sleep, etc. Now let’s discuss what to do in Kraków if you still have some energy left. With the following activities you will be able to try new things in Kraków and explore the city in a different way, living unique experiences. Probably, Kraków will be the place for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

No, you’re not confused, you just didn’t click in an article about Amsterdam. Besides the Netherlands, bikes are also quite popular in Poland. Especially in Kraków, very often compared as a dutch city because everything is so flat. So even if you’re not used to riding bikes, it won’t be too hard on you, which makes Kraków a perfect city to explore by bike. You can explore the whole Kraków by bike but we recommend you to explore Nowa Huta, the communist district of Kraków, and Tyniec Abbey.

If you’re looking for harder challengues, go to the Ojcow National Park, located 20km away of Kraków. Enjoy the nature there. You don’t know how to get a bike in Kraków? No worries, we got you! You can rent a bike on Świętej Anny Street (right next to the Main Market Square) from KrkBikeRental. But if you prefer something organized especially for you not to miss anything, take a look at BikeMePoland offers.

2. Roller skating

Not everyone can roller skate, but if you are one of these people there some hints we want to give you. This is a very popular sport in Poland, especially during spring and summer. The most popular places in Kraków for roller skating are Planty Park and Błonia Park. In fact, if you can’t take your roller skates with you, there’s no problem because you can find it to rent in Błonia Park during summer. This park is located close to the National Museum, between the two football stadiums of Kraków. This is such a popular sport in Poland that you will even find events only for people doing roller skating.

One of the most important ones is the Rollers and Us, where around 800-1200 people ride along the streets of Kraków with the police closing the streets only for the roller skaters to pass by. So if you’re visiting Kraków and you enjoy roller skating, don’t miss out those events!

3. Kayaking

And now comes the adventure and new experiences we promissed you. Ever wondered how does it feel to admire the city while kayaking? In Kraków that’s possible. When the hot days arrive, you can rent a kayak in the Wisła river and just admire the different perspective you get from the river to Wawel Castle and Wisła boulevard. If sightseeing while kayaking isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a more radical and adreline adventure there’s something for you too. You can go to Kolna Canoe Station, a place where you can experience a more extreme experience of kayaking. And if you want to are one of those radical persons and you doing it in the nature, take a trip to Dunajec River and do kayaking in the mountain river.

4. Stand up Paddle

Another very popular activity during the summer and hot days in Poland is the Stand up Padde. Similar to Kayaking you can use it to admire the unique views you can from standing in the middle of the river. Sup Kultura Krakow organizes trips by Stand up Paddle not only in Kraków but in another places in Poland, some of them probably you will not read about it in the most touristical spots of Poland.  Don’t miss this experience when visiting Kraków or another part of Poland.

5. Riding a scooter for the less resistant people

If you’re already tired just from reading this article and imagining doing all those activies while visiting Kraków, you can experience a much less tiring adventure but still in a different way than just walking. Eletrical scooters became a trend in most of Europe, in Kraków they have been around for two years already. You can explore the same places as while riding a bike but it will be much less tiring for you for sure. Anyway, doesn’t matter what you chose, the common word in every activity is fun!

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