The best 4 local markets of Kraków

Are you this type of person who just loves the smell of freshness? Do you enjoy seeing all those colorful stands with different fruits and vegetables? Then let me show you the wonders behind the local markets of Kraków.

Hala Targowa

Located between Kraków’s Main Square and the Jewish District, Kazimierz, Hala Targowa can surprise you. Especially busier on the weekends in this local market you will be able to find all sort of different products. Not only the traditional fruits and vegetables, but also also old books and history in the shape of different objects. Some vendors have been working at Hala Targowa for many generations, making this place connected with the people.

Stary Kleparz

The oldest local market of Kraków. Located on the north side of the Old Town, Stary Kleparz was once the Market Square of the city of Kleparz, and independent town from 1366 to 1794. Nowadays Stary Kleparz is still one of the most important commercial places of Kraków. With an impressive vitality and combination of different smells and flavours, Stary Kleparz is just the perfect local market.

Nowy Kleparz

This triangular market square just like Stary Kleparz, is located in the north of the Old Town, between Długa Street and Juliusza Słowackiego Avenue. Besides the commercial part, Nowy Kleparz it’s also an important localization for the transfer of trams and buses. Making this local market a perfect stop for anyone passing by.

Plac Nowy

Situated in the Jewish District, Kazimierz, Plac Nowy is literally a place that will suprise you at daytime and night. During the day you can buy vegetables and antiques, and later on during the night you can enjoy one of the many pubs and cafes around the Okrąglak. Okrąglak is a round building at the heart of Plac Nowy, that nowadays serves you with the traditional polish zapiekanki. You will be able to visit Plac Nowy with our Jewish Quarter Free Tour.

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