How does touring Kraków with the Krakow Explorers team look like?

If you want to learn about the historical context of the city, take a walk along the beautiful streets and find out what happened in Kraków in the past, make sure to book some time with one of our cheerful and competent guides. You will see that sightseeing tour Kraków with us is a unique form of getting to know the local culture, history and stories associated with particular places in the former capital of Poland. So instead of being a poorly informed tourist, become a curious adventurer! After all, who will show you Kraków better than a local explorer fascinated with history?


Discover Kraków all over again!

Our approach to admiring the city is perfect for both those who have already been here and those who are in Kraków for the first time. We guarantee that during our trip will learn things that you have never known about before. This way you will have a slightly different perspective on Kraków, seeing the importance of individual places in the city. You will hear how people used to live here and see beautiful, ancient architecture. Discover places that you have probably passed by without being aware of their essence. You will probably also find yourself in completely new areas of the city, and our guide will tell you the facts from history, that will let you go back in time and really understand how much happened in Krakow in the past. From now on, the individual places on the city map will be pieces of a historical puzzle, which we have completed together. Your trip to Kraków will become completer and more enriched with new experience.


Free tour of Kraków – an invaluable experience

In order to make it possible to participate in discovering Kraków for a wide range of tourists, we do not charge any fixed fees for touring the city. If you want to explore Kraków a free sightseeing is the best form, giving you a lot of freedom. Thanks to this model it is up to you to decide whether you liked the trip we offered you enough to reward one of our guides with a tip. You can also decide on the amount of the tip, depending on your own opinion and budget. Let’s discover the advantages of our city together. Our free walks will be a great source of information given in an accessible form.




Free walking tours in English Old Town: Mon-Thurs 10:15 Fri-Sun 10:15 and 15:00 Meeting Point: St. Mary’s Basilica on the Main Square with the guide holding an orange umbrella. Jewish Quarter: Mon-Thurs 15:00 Fri-Sun 11:00 and 15:00 Meeting Point: The Old Synagogue at 24 Szeroka Street in Kazimierz with the guide holding an orange umbrella.


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