Underneath the Main Market Square there is another mysterious world. Over the centuries cultural layers have accumulated, raising up the level of the streets. These cultural layers give us the best knowledge about the past societies and their everyday life. Recently, archaeologists discovered remains of old streets, artefacts, old pavements and graves. Discoveries revealed by the archaeological excavations were turned into one of the most popular museums in Krakow – UNDERGROUND MAIN MARKET SQUARE MUSEUM.

On the tour you will see not only the museum, but also we will walk around the square itself. Our licensed guides will show you the place of the greatest importance in the history of Poland, as in the middle ages as in modern history. 

In the museum you will find lots of models, holograms and films introducing you to the history of the biggest Main Market Squares in Europe. Join our travel back in time to get knowledge about Krakow’s source of wealth – mediaeval trade.