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Why to choose a free city tour with Kraków Explorers?

When you arrive somewhere, even more than once, you are often unaware of history and beauty of that place. Walking alone around Kraków’s Old Town or other parts of the city will not tell you much about the past and culture of this region. To discover more, it is worth taking a free city tour lead by our guides in Kraków. Walking with us, you will learn interesting historical facts and anecdotes, as well as you will see important monuments, which there are plenty of Kraków. Our tours are led by licensed guides who are graduates of history and archeology departments. Thanks to our keen interest in these topics, we are able to share the knowledge in an exciting way. The participants appreciate our sense of humor and the attention we devote to each group of tourists. Free tour of Kraków should be an opportunity for you to get to know our city better and look at it from a wider perspective. This is why we try to make our thematic strolls full of excitement and information, given in such a form that you simply want to listen to them.


How does a free tour of Kraków work?

Perhaps exploring the city free of charge is completely new for you. Let us explain how it works. First of all, when booking a trip with Kraków Explorers, you do not have to pay any fees. We will not ask you to do so neither when booking the date, nor when we meet at the meeting point, i.e. in the Old Town. This is because our free tour of Kraków is based on voluntary donations. If you like the tour with our guide, you can reward his work with any amount of tip. Feel comfortable and discover Kraków without having to pay a lot of money even before you start your tour. With us you don’t buy a pig in a poke. First of all, enjoy the tour and then, if you want to appreciate your guide, you can give him a tip in the amount of your choice.


A walk with Kraków Explorers – discovering a city with local historians

Finding new places is a much richer experience when you can learn about them from the people who live there. If you have friends who have been living in Kraków for years, this may be the perfect start to your exploration of this area. However, a trip with Kraków Explorers is even more than just a walk with locals. Touring together with us, you gain a deeper knowledge of the historical context. Apart from discovering the specialties of Polish cuisine and all that is currently Krakow’s pride, it is worth taking part in such a journey to the past. Maybe you will take your Kraków friends with you? They may also be surprised by some of the facts that we will share with you, because we are going to discover much more than during history classes.


Discovering new places and facts

A thematic tour of Kraków will surely provide a lot of thrills. You will get to know interesting facts and see fascinating, centuries-old buildings and sites. It is best to go on a trip with Kraków Explorers at the very beginning of your stay in the city, and you will see that you will find it even more attractive.


Free city tour that will never bore you

Our entire team consists of enthusiasts of history, who love to share their knowledge and passion with others. Book one of the thematic strolls and find out how fast time flies with us and how interesting the tour is. A lot of our groups, after completing one of the routes, decide on more trips.



The meeting place for the Old Town tour is St. Mary’s Church on the Main Market Square and for the Jewish Quarter tour – Old Synagouge
Look for guides with Orange umbrella.

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