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Free walking tours of Krakow – advantages

If you’re spending your holiday in Krakow, spend some time to get to know it better. Thanks to the walks with our guides you will not only enrich your historical knowledge, but also feel the spirit of the city. After enjoying the walking tour with Krakow Explorers you will realize that a visit in this place can give you even more excitement than before. What is important, our free walking tours are led with great enthusiasm and attention to the group. That is why time flies really quickly and interestingly during the tour. Despite the fact that walks along the Old Town and the Jewish quarter always last about two and a half hours, many tourists discovering Krakow with us, say that they did not even notice when the tour came to an end.


Several thematic routes to choose from

We offer our groups free tours of Krakow in three versions. Everyone can choose the places they want to visit with the guide. Often, after having completed one of our trips together, we can see familiar faces during the next one. Each time it is a very nice experience for us, which confirms that it is worth sharing your passion with others. Depending on your interests and time options, we can offer you free walking tours around the Old Town and the Jewish quarter Additionally, you can book a paid walk around Krakow’s restaurants and bars, where you will taste characteristic Polish dishes and drinks.

Lots of information and interesting places

We want to show and tell you the fascinating over a thousand years long history of Krakow. All our free walking tours have their own individual character, but each one is prepared in such a way that you can experience as much as possible. Free tour of Krakow with us means discovering the city piece by piece and moving back in time to different historical periods. And although during our trips we share with you a lot of information, the pace of the tour is always adjusted to the group. We do not rush anyone, and during the trips there are plenty of stops, so both young people and seniors take part in them.

Free tours of Krakow for everyone

Our routes are intended for all those who are not afraid of long walks combined with sightseeing. Thanks to the tip-based form of excursions, they are available for everyone regardless of their budget. Everyone can participate and, depending on their preferences, give our guide a free donation at the end of the tour. This is a way of remuneration if you enjoy the time spent with us. We do not charge any other fees.

Enthusiastic approach to each group

As enthusiasts of history and archeology, as well as the residents of Krakow, while working, we try to share with our listeners not only our knowledge, but also our enthusiasm. We want to infect you with our fascination for this beautiful place. That is why we put our hearts into what we do, and this approach is highly appreciated by the participants of our trips. We treat each group individually, ensuring that everyone receives a lot of attention. During the trip we encourage participants to ask questions if, for example, a topic is of particular interest to them, and we will tell the stories from the past. Together we discover Krakow all over again!

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