Bigos – a king of the Polish cuisine

Are you a food lover?? Do you like cooking? Have you ever tried Polish food? We would like to present one of the most legendary and traditional Polish dishes – BIGOS?. You can find it quite often in Polish restaurants under the name Hunter’s stew. We make it from Sauerkaruat and Cabbage?, these are the foundations of this brilliant dish.

Basically, when you look at your bigos you will say ‘’that is just some cabbage’’. You couldn’t be more wrong?‍♂️! You must know that cabbage is kind of a furniture on the polish table. I wouldn’t risk a lot by saying that Polish people are one of the biggest consumers of cabbage in the world☝️.

Actually, we could write about bigos as much as Shakespeare wrote about love?. This food has been part of Polish culture for centuries. Since Polish food is rather heavy we have a very important piece of advice for you. You should try to combine your meal with a shot of cooled wodka?. We can bet you will enjoy it even more!

Ps. Bigos is becoming even more delicious after a few days from being cooked?.

*You can find the recipe in a comment’s section.

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