4 things to do in Kraków in winter

This isn’t a normal winter in Kraków. After some years, the snow decided to visit Kraków for so many days, reminding most of the Poles of how their childhood winters used to look like. Unfortunately, the cafe shops remain closed, only takeaway is possible. So things feel a lot different this year. Thankfully, museums are set to start opening again on 1st February, so if you are bored in Kraków during winter, we will help you with some tips to have a great time in this wonderful city during this season.

1. Celestat Museum – Annual Christmas Cribs Exhibit

Celestat Museum is located in Lubicz street. It is a museum dedicated to an old Cracovian brotherhood called “Fowler Brotherhood”. This brotherhood was founded in the end of the 13th century with the goal of training burghers. After the training those burghers would be in charge of protecting the city of Kraków against invasors and mantain the city walls.

Thanks to this museum we can now explore more about this unique brotherhood from Kraków. But that’s not all you can find in this museum. Since early December, you can also find at Celestat Museum an Exhibition with the polish traditional nativities. It is a great way to explore more about the unique tradition of the polish nativities. This exhibition is will be available until 28th February, so hurry up, you still have time! Take your friends and enjoy a well deserved time together.

2. Kraków Arcade Museum

Are you one of those people that miss so badly arcade games? If yes then this spot it is an obligatory stop for you in Kraków. Go back to the 80’s and 90’s and explore over 100 different arcade videogames, some of them you might have played as a kid!

Another great spot for you to hang out with your friends during this winter days. During the COVID-19 pandemic, reservation is required until further information, but there’s nothing to stop you in this amazing time adventure.

3. Restaurants

It seems strange to recommend to someone to go to the restaurants during a pandemic, but that’s always a piece of good advice, no matter which season we are talking about. Kraków has a huge variety of restaurants, there’s simply not lack of choice for your taste.

The restaurants have been closed for the past two months, only takeaways are available, but some few restaurants decided to go against the governmental restrictions and opened regardless, being part of the current polish movement #otwieramysie / #weareopening. The restaurant owners claim that the financial support they have been receiving is not enough and that restaurants can operate normally following the hygienic rules.

One of this restaurants is Tesone, where you simply have to sign a contract that you’re testing food and then you can sit and enjoy your meal like it used to be before COVID-19.

4. A swim in Bagry or Zakrowek

Although nothing new, “Morsowanie” or simply swimming in the cold lakes during winter became quite popular once again. In Kraków you can see lots of people doing that, especially on the weekends, in Zakrowek and Bagry.

Many scientific researches have already shown the benefits to your body of swimming in the cold water for some time. So if think you’re brave enough, you should try it! Not only is a new adventure, but it is also healthy.



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